The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) is a consortium of individuals and institutions dedicated to the analysis of climate change mitigation and adaptation and energy issues from an urban perspective. It is designed to enhance cutting-edge scientific, economic, and planning-related research and to promote knowledge sharing among researchers and urban decision-makers as well asĀ stakeholders about all aspects of climate change and cities. The network is a valuable resource for researchers, individual cities, coalitions of Mayors, and organizations focused on providing technical assistance to cities.

The goals of UCCRN are to develop a shared research agenda on urban climate change issues with stakeholders and to facilitate research collaborations within and across cities and metropolitan areas. Moreover, UCCRN aims to promote knowledge sharing among resarchers, urban decision-makers and stakeholders; exchange lessons learned across cities; and assess and report on on-going mitigation and adaptation research and practice in major cities.

UCCRN will increase the level of attention on urban climate change issues by different tiers of government, transnational organizations, the media, and advocacy communities and by engaging students to promote the development of the next generation of urban climate change researchers and planners. UCCRN has published an assessment report on mitigation and adaptation research practices in cities around the globe: Assessment Report on Climate Change in Cities (ARC3).

To learn more about UCCRN, please visit http://uccrn.org/.