Global Climate Modeling

Climate modeling is a primary research activity of many CCSR scientists. Our climate modeling effort is unique among the three major US climate models: we examine not only Earth’s past and future climates but also climates on other Earth-like exoplanets.

Along with GFDL (funded mainly by NOAA) and NCAR (NSF & DOE), CCSR science has been an important contributor to all of the IPCC Assessment Reports. GISS models have been part of almost all the Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs). Outside of the formal intercomparisons, CCSR/GISS science has been at the forefront of many steps forward in understanding the climate system through framing the issue of radiative forcing, the exploration of new feedbacks and interactions, quantification of the drivers of climate change, out-of-sample evaluation of climate models and innovative comparisons to observations.