Hyunho Lee

Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Projects: Global Climate Modeling, Atmospheric Composition
Phone: 212-678-5614
E-mail: hl3138@columbia.edu

Dr. Hyunho Lee is a postdoctoral research scientist at the Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR), Columbia University since 2017. Co-working with staff at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, he is improving cloud microphysics model, mainly bin-type cloud microphysics models. He deals with almost all parts of warm-phase cloud microphysical processes (collision-coalescence, condensation, evaporation, breakup, sedimentation, and etc) and verifies the developed model using observation data obtained by Doppler radar, airborne, and satellite. His other interests include the evaluation of the aerosol effects on cloud and precipitation and the development of novel ice cloud microphysics model.