Our Staff

Climate Impacts Staff

Somayya Ali Ibrahim
Program Manager
Phone: 212-678-5631
E-Mail: sa2619@columbia.edu

Daniel Bader
Project Manager
Phone: 212-678-5626
E-Mail: dab2145@columbia.edu

Manishka De Mel
Staff Associate
Phone: 212-678-5626
Email: jmd2227@columbia.edu

Erik Mencos Contreras
Project Coordinator
Phone: 212-678-5559
Email: eam2215@columbia.edu

Carolyn Mutter
International Program Manager
Phone: 212-678-5563
E-Mail: czm2001@columbia.edu

Danielle Manley
Staff Associate
Phone: 212-678-5626
Email: dsp2127@columbia.edu

Meridel Phillips
Senior Research Staff Assistant
Phone: 212-678-5549
Email: mmp2192@columbia.edu

Greg Reppucci
Communications and Events Liaison
Phone: 212-678-5561
Email: gvr2103@columbia.edu

Systems Analysts and Staff

Gregory Faluvegi
Systems Analyst
E-Mail: Gregory.Faluvegi@columbia.edu

Mr. Faluvegi works on analysis and model development in support of research on
the interactions among atmospheric constituents, climate, and societal impacts.

Publication contributions: https://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/authors/gfaluvegi.html

Jeffrey Jonas
Senior Systems Analyst
Phone: 212-678-5532
E-Mail: jaj28@columbia.edu

William Kovari, Jr.
Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate
Phone: 212-678-5607
E-Mail: wk14@columbia.edu

Carolyn Harris
Program Coordinator
Phone: 212-678-5625
Email: cah40@columbia.edu

Audrey Wolf
Senior Systems Analyst
Phone: 212-678-5610
E-Mail: abw2114@columbia.edu