Bastiaan Van Diedenhoven

Research Scientist

Dr. Van Diedenhoven is a research scientist at Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR). He has been at CCSR since 2008. He is principal investigator or co-investigator on several projects focusing on remote sensing of cloud and aerosol properties from satellite-based and airborne instruments with the aim of evaluating and improving model simulations. Using instruments that measure the intensity and polarization of reflected sunlight, he works on inferring information cloud properties such as the sizes and numbers of cloud droplets and the shapes, scattering properties and sizes of cloud ice crystals. In addition, his research involves deriving climate-relevant properties of aerosol particles, such as dust and smoke, from active and passive remote sensing data. As part of the team of NASA GISS’ airborne Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP), he is working for the successful, worldwide deployment of the RSP on aircraft during NASA field campaigns such as PODEX, SEAC4RS, ORACLES, and CAMP2Ex. Other interests include the modeling of optical properties of ice crystals and aerosols and the remote sensing of trace gases.