We perform and publish cutting-edge, earth systems research in close collaboration with NASA and multiple other governmental and academic partners in the earth, climate, and sustainability sciences. We also lead efforts to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate, interacting with a broad range of stakeholders.

What We Do

Atmospheric Composition

The Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate research projects at CCSR include the study of the chemical constituents of Earth’s atmosphere, and the roles they play in influencing the atmosphere’s temperature, radiation, and dynamics.

Climate Impacts

The climate impacts research group at CCSR works on the improved understanding of how climate affects human society, and involves development of a framework to analyze complex interactions among biophysical and socio-economic processes.

Recent Publication

A Regional Nuclear Conflict Would Compromise Global Food Security

Jonas Jagermeyr
Alan Robock
Joshua Elliott
Christoph Muller
Lili Xia
Nikolay Khabarov
Christian Folberth
Erwin Schmid
Wenfeng Liu
Florian Zabel
Sam S. Rabin
Michael J. Puma
Alison Heslin
James Franke
Ian Foster
Senthold Asseng
Charles G. Bardeen
Owen B. Toon
Cynthia Rosenzweig