Keren Mezuman

Associate Research Scientist

Dr. Mezuman is a Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems Research. She applies physical and statistical models to study human-natural interactions. Currently, she is the Human Migration Lead in the World Modelers project, where she utilizes agent based models to study the sensitivity of migrant flows to environmental shocks and political unrest. The objective of her research is to inform scocio-economic policy and decision making. 

Dr. Mezuman collaborates with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) where she takes part in the development of ModelE Earth System Model and its applications at the nexus of the atmosphere, biosphere and anthropospere. Specifically, she is interested in global fire activity, health impacts of air pollution, and the full life cycle of food production.

Dr. Mezuman holds a PhD from a joint program by NASA GISS and Columbia University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. As part of her PhD she developed pyrE, the NASA GISS interactive fire-climate module, and contributed to the biomass burning aerosol intercomparison (AeroCom) project.